Melissa with her son Axel

I have always loved writing and reading.

When my son was born in 2012, my parents brought all my childhood books to our house—boxes and boxes of familiar books. My journals filled one of the large boxes. Forgotten pages of observations of the natural and human-made world mixed with my personal hopes, explorations, disappointments, and dreams. How are bridges built and why are some people afraid of bridges? What causes earthquakes and why do people build homes where they know earthquakes occur? The connections we have to scientific and engineered worlds has always fascinated and frustrated me.

I enjoy helping people (myself included!) understand and make personal connections to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and our social world. I never know what hidden gems I'll discover deep in the research, especially when I talk with experts. Experts are the best! The act of writing often reveals new patterns to these gems that I can then share with the world. Writing is the best job that doesn't feel like a job. Most days.

My resume lists my published work and highlights my professional path in STEM and teacher education.

Happy writing and reading to all!




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